CRM Software for
Credit & Receivables Management

Welcome to the all new Wincollect CRM business software.


Beautifully designed to deliver powerful results, Wincollect CRM powers some of the worlds most advanced Credit and Receivables Management departments to enable them to succeed in an ever changing customer environment.


And with its industry leading user experience, Wincollect CRM not only delivers on your business expectations, but provides your staff with a modern environment that is a pleasure to use.


At the heart of Wincollect CRM is a team focused on designing & developing CRM software that delivers a beautiful user experience matched to a powerful data driven solution for the benefit of our amazing customers.


Our commitment to service is second to none from our online and phone support to our development services.


More and more two-way texting and chatting are becoming an important tool empowering users to achieve greater results. Wincollect CRM is designed to take advantage of these tools and give you more options to connect with your customers.


Wincollect CRM also enables your customer to access their account information online all at a time and place that is convenient to them.


“..Wincollect has allowed Credit & Collections to be a responsive and nimble business unit well able to meet the demands of an ever changing market.”
“..While it was expected that Wincollect would provide greater efficiency for collectors, the actual time savings have been incredible.”

Powerful Software. Beautifully designed.

Innovation for your Credit and Receivables Management needs

Wincollect CRM provides you with the tools you need to reduce your days outstanding and manage the flow of information within your Credit and Receivables Management department.


See how payments are tracking easily and quickly and keep track of your cash flow at a glance.

Invoice tracking

Manage your customers invoices quickly and monitor by days outstanding.

Payment monitoring

Automatically track payment arrangements and manage accounts with broken arrangements.

Link invoice activity

Link account activity to individual invoices.

Accept real time ePayments

Accept electronic payments in real time via credit card and manage direct debits.

Data management

Process data automatically via file or host integration.

Information security

Protect your valuable data with multiple levels of security.

Powerful search

Locate accounts with ease and search history with simple #tag lookups.

File storage

Store files in one location for easy access and review.