What is Wincollect CRM 6.0?

Wincollect CRM is a suite of software solutions designed for the modern Debt Collection, and Receivables Management industries.


Our beautifully designed applications deliver superior operational automation and efficiency combined with an exceptional user experience.


Whether you run your IT in the Cloud or On-Premises, our solutions enable you to become more agile and efficient. Scroll down to find out more.

Integrated Automation and Workflow


At the heart of Wincollect CRM is a team focused on designing & developing CRM software that delivers a beautiful user experience matched to a powerful automation based solution for the benefit of our amazing customers.


Wincollect assists you with your regulatory risk by providing you with contact compliance settings and resources that are embedded into Wincollect to help you maintain the ACCC and ASIC guidelines.


More and more two-way texting and chatting are becoming an important tool empowering users to achieve greater results. Wincollect CRM is designed to take advantage of these tools and give you more options to connect with your customers.


Wincollect CRM also enables your customer to access their account information online all at a time and place that is convenient to them.



At the heart of Wincollect CRM is a team focused on designing & developing CRM software that delivers a beautiful user experience matched to a powerful data driven solution for the benefit of our amazing customers.

Increase efficiency and make it easier for your customers to pay with a balance between automation services, online self-service and call center resources.


Empower your account reps to improve results and speed their path to customers paying fast and efficiently. The Wincollect all-in-one platform gives you the right balance between contact efforts through your call center and via omnichannel engagement.


View account information, history and transactions along with outstanding invoices in a collection agency view or days outstanding receivable’s view.


All within a single point of reference for easy access and improved efficiency.

Automation is at the heart of the Wincollect platform.


Getting the right accounts to the right people and making it easy for them to take or make a payment is at the heart of Wincollect.


Whether your portfolio is consumer, corporate or government, high volume or managed accounts, workflow automation enables you to ensure accounts are prioritized and managed to your needs.


Automate services including messaging, workload allocation, reporting and data management to ensure the right information is delivered to the right party at the right time.

Your environment your way.


Wincollect CRM is designed to integrate with the cloud and is best run in the Microsoft Azure environment. But if your journey is not yet ready for the cloud or you are using another cloud platform Wincollect is right for you.


Running Wincollect in Azure allows you to operate in a serverless world using Microsoft Azure SQL Database. Azure SQL Database is an always-up-to-date, fully managed relational database service built for the cloud.


We can help answer any questions you may have about the environment you want to run in.

Wincollect has carefully selected a number of 3rd Party providers to deliver services built to assist your collections efforts.


We carefully select vendors based on our ability to integrate their services to help make the end user experience streamlined and seamless and ensures compliance with industry standards.


“..Wincollect has allowed Credit & Collections to be a responsive and nimble business unit well able to meet the demands of an ever changing market.”
We are delighted with the results of our move to the Wincollect CRM version 6.0 and the Microsoft Azure Cloud solutions. The benefits to the business have been substantial and it has enabled us to focus on the business of providing a quality Mercantile Service to our broad client base and continue to be the leading agency in Australia. Our systems work seamlessly together and deliver an improved user experience that helps our teams perform at their best.

I have no hesitation in recommending both Wincollect CRM and Microsoft Azure.

Joe Zhou, Financial Controller
Impact Financial Services

Powerful Software. Beautifully designed.

Innovation for your Credit and Receivables Management needs

Wincollect CRM provides you with the tools you need to reduce your days outstanding and manage the flow of information within your Credit and Receivables Management department.


See how payments are tracking easily and quickly and keep track of your cash flow at a glance.

Invoice tracking

Manage your customers invoices quickly and monitor by days outstanding.

Payment monitoring

Automatically track payment arrangements and manage accounts with broken arrangements.

Link invoice activity

Link account activity to individual invoices.

Accept real time ePayments

Accept electronic payments in real time via credit card and manage direct debits.

Data management

Process data automatically via file or host integration.

Information security

Protect your valuable data with multiple levels of security.

Powerful search

Locate accounts with ease and search history with simple #tag lookups.

File storage

Store files in one location for easy access and review.