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Advanced Solutions Helping You Get Paid Quickly

Receivables and Collections Technology Solutions

20+ Years providing workflow software for the Receivables Management and Collection Agency industrys.


Our solutions deliver a balance between human effort and automation to solve the most demanding needs for our clients across broad market segments including Government, Telecommunications, Debt Buyers and Agencies.

Tools Designed to Get Paid Quickly

Wincollect has the right balance of tools to help you get paid quickly. Whether your accounts are consumer or commercial, Wincollect delivers the right set of tools to get paid quickly.

Powerful Architecture

Whether in the Cloud using the Microsoft Azure or On-Premise, Wincollect can scale to meet your needs and grow into the future in an always changing technology landscape.

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The Right Solution for Your Organization

Collection Agency (3rd Party)

  • Client Access
  • Customer Self Service
  • Data Import/Export Automation
  • Reporting Automation
  • Workflow
  • PCI Compliant Payment Processing
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Billing
  • Trust Account

Enterprise (1st Party)

  • Corporate System Integration
  • Omnichannel Engagement
  • Automate Communication Lifecycle
  • Invoice Management
  • Aged Financial View (DSO)
  • Adaptable to Industry


  • Infrastructure Regulatory Compliance
  • Public Revenue Recovery
  • Integrate Agency Forms
  • Modernize and Streamline Communications
  • Improve Agency Efficiency
  • Proven Track Record 20+ Years

Enables you to give your customers more options to pay their accounts via real-time payment solutions and future arrangements via Direct Debits.


Two Way SMS allows you to send your customer an SMS to any network and receive their reply’s back to their account so you can respond accordingly.


We offer a rich and powerful API allowing you to retrieve data and further control your own environment and cater to your individual requirements.

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