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What is Wincollect CRM?

A. Wincollect CRM is a Customer Relationship Management System designed to help your Credit Department or Receivables Management business to manage and track your overdue portfolio smarter and faster by centralizing customer information, recording interactions with them and automating tasks that are undertaken every day. All within an easy to use and customizable environment that allows you to grow to your potential.

What are some of the features of Wincollect CRM?

Here is a brief list of some of the core areas and features in Wincollect CRM.

Data Management and Automation

  • Import Data
  • Workflow Automation – including SMS, Email notifications
  • Queue Accounts
  • Reporting

User Security

  • Password Management – Expiry, Complexity etc
  • Data Access – User access managed customizable security settings to allow different access for different user requirements.

User Features

  • Centralized Customer View to manage daily interactions
  • Payment Arrangement
  • Litigation Processes
  • Communication – Phone, SMS, Email and Print
  • Electronic Payments – including Real-time Credit Card
  • My Workspace – manage assigned accounts
  • Reminders – date and time
  • Notifications – inbound communication


  • Reporting
  • Trust Record Tracking
  • Trust Invoicing

Customer Portal

  • Device aware 24/7 Customer access
  • View Balance
  • Make a Payment by Credit Card (Real-time)
  • Setup a rules based Payment Arrangement via Direct Debit
  • Provide new contact information
Note – Some features are provided by Third Party service providers that incur charges based on your use of their services. These costs and service will require you to enter into agreements with the respective Third Party service providers and these costs and services are between you and the provider.

What Third Party Service Providers do you have?

What editions of Wincollect CRM are there?

A. Wincollect CRM is offered as a single edition and is no longer offered in Standard, Professional or Enterprise Editions.

How do you charge for using Wincollect CRM?

A. New customers are charged per user per month for using the system. All other services and charges involving Third Party Service Providers are managed under separate agreements between you and the Provider.

Wincollect CRM monthly charge includes Support. All other services such as Training, Development and Installation are charged in addition to the monthly charge.

Can I run this in the Cloud or On-Premise?

A. Wincollect CRM is designed to run with Microsoft SQL Server. You can chose to run this On-Premise using the latest version of Microsoft SQL Server or you can have it deployed in Azure SQL and take advantage of a “Server-less” environment. Talk to us further about your requirements and we can help you work out which one will better serve your needs.

Which deployment option is right for me?

A. That is a big question and warrants consideration prior to starting. However there are many resources available to provide you with the information you need to help you decide. If you would like to explore the options for the Cloud we recommend you start by visiting the Azure SQL site to become familiar with the various solutions you can chose from. Once you have done this we can help you work out which one will work best for you. It is important to remember that Azure SQL allows you to start small and grow as your needs increase.

If you are not yet ready for the Cloud and want to stay with an On-Premise option and manage your database server onsite, we recommend you start by visiting the SQL Server site.

Can I use Third Party Products to access my data?

A. Yes you can. Your data can be accessed via a variety of third party applications. Some of the more common methods of connecting these products is via ODBC or ADO. Examples of well known products that some of clients currently use include applications such as Excel, Access and Crystal Reports.

Can Wincollect be customized to suit my business?

A. Yes. Wincollect CRM comes with a host of features you can tailor to your needs and we also offer a comprehensive range of customization services to help you.

Is Wincollect CRM scalable?

A. Yes.  But lets take a close look at some of the facts behind this. Firstly Wincollect is already used by businesses that fit this profile. It is built to run using the Microsoft SQL Server database platform and can also be deployed in the Azure SQL environment. SQL Server is an Enterprise Level technology that powers some of the worlds largest corporations. Wincollect leverages off this technology to enable fast processing of commands and efficient data gathering for reporting purposes. Wincollect provides full access directly to the SQL Database to enable you to create additional tables, indexes, views, stored procedures and other processes to enable you to have total control of your data. The front end of Wincollect makes full use of the power of SQL Server by wrapping the functionality directly within stored procedures executed at the database level. Additionally, agencies can make full use of data warehouses to divert intensive database processing and reporting so that it does not impact your general collections processes. There are also many well designed processes that are all wrapped up in our valuable Intellectual Property. Finally, when you match these capabilities to the right hardware platform, and network structure, your database will grow with ease and perform tirelessly.

What services do you provide to help us get started?


  • Installation Services
  • Business Analysis and Process Guides
  • Training and Training Guides


  • Support Services via our online helpdesk
  • Online Knowledgebase
  • Technical Support and Assistance
  • Development and Customization Services
  • Product Updates

I have many data sources - can you help?

A. We hear you loud and clear. In fact your environment is very familiar to us as we have helped many of our customers centralize their data sources so that their Credit Department can easily manage the Accounts Receivable function in one easy to use location.

We look forward to discussing this with you when you are ready to talk with us.

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