Real-time Electronic Payment Process

Wincollect offers a Real-time Credit Card Processing facility through its “seamless” integration. The facility offers a number of benefits but most significantly there is no double handling of the transaction. Thanks to our intuitive automated design, when a payment is approved the transaction is recorded on the account and for 3rd Party Agencys the transaction also automatically banked via the Trust Account and is immediately ready for reporting and invoicing.


In addition to this, Wincollect offers a fully automated Payment Arrangement Direct Debit processing facility. This facility is available to Arrangements that are made with a Bank Account or Credit Card. Customers can also make payments via the Wincollect Self Service Portal.


All this is complete with the peace of mind to know your transactions are managed through a PCI Compliant payment processor.

Two Messaging for Customer Engagement

Wincollect offers the ability to send messages to your customers and receive responses back directly to their account.


This service is delivered in real-time and will notify the Account Rep when a response has been received. Messages can be sent individually to engage a discussion or in bulk. Customizable Templates allows you to design the messages to your requirements and set links for the customer to engage via the Self-Service Portal and make a payment or set up a payment plan.

API’s for Integration

Wincollect offers access to 3rd parties via API’s. An API allows you to communicate between systems to pass data in real-time.