Wincollect Reporting

The new Online Reporting system in Wincollect represents a significant change to the way reports were previously run! Now Wincollect reports are run in a Browser based environment.


The system provides for a range of pre-defined professionally presented reports that offer the user a range of parameters to select from enabling customization of the data that is presented. In addition to this the user can create and incorporate their own reports for use in the Browser interface.


Scheduling and Automated Distribution is now also available through the Browser interface enabling the user to set up recurring schedules for the creation and delivery of Reports in PDF format to internal and external recipients via email.

Real-time Electronic Payment Process

Wincollect offers a Real-time Credit Card Processing facility through its “seamless” integration with Ezidebit. The facility offers a number of benefits but most significantly there is no double handling of the transaction. Thanks to our intuitive automated design, when a payment is approved the transaction is recorded and banked via the Trust Account and is immediately ready for reporting and invoicing.


In addition to this, Wincollect offers a fully automated Payment Arrangement Direct Debit processing facility. This facility is available to Arrangements that are made with a Bank Account or Credit Card. So Stay Tuned – Wincollect is undergoing a massive redevelopment process in 2017 and will be launched with a completely new and exciting interface that will enhance the user experience.

The Humble Password

That little screen that appears at the start of your session plays a vital role in the security of your system and the appropriate selection of a password has a big part to play in this. It may not look like much but the humble login screen is more than meets the eye, so let’s take a brief look at some of the ways Wincollect can help you improve your password policies.


Firstly, do you know what some of your staff may be using for their passwords? Here is a list of some of the most commonly used passwords:

password 123456 letmein abc123 and wait for it monkey yes that’s right!
The good news is, there are things you can do to help your staff maintain a robust password repertoire!


Password Expiry – Wincollect can be set to ensure that a User does not maintain the same password over a long period of time. Password expiry ensures that a User is prompted to select a new password on a regular basis.


Password Complexity – Wincollect allows you to require the User elect passwords that maintain complex combinations such as case-sensitivity or a combination of characters such as letters, numbers and special characters. Additionally passwords can be stopped from being the same as the users Login ID or parts of the user’s full name.


Password History – Wincollect can be set to store previous passwords used and stop the User from simply re-using them each time they change it.

Wincollect has an add-on Lease and Rental Management module for the monitoring and collection of lease or rental payments. The system has been designed for leasing companies to manage the process from creation to completion. It automatically tracks the life of the Lease or Rental and incorporates a Queue based followup system for when collection activities are needed for non-payment.

Disputed Invoice Module

The Disputed Invoice Module is a power tool for Credit Managers to use to isolate invoices that are under dispute from the usual collections process. Invoices that are flagged as being under dispute are flagged and tracked separately until the dispute is resolved. Disputed invoices are managed in a specially designed dispute screen and have their own Notes and Review Dates so that the information required is easily accessed by the officer handling the dispute.